NS record is not propagated globally


My domain is fomm.top

Recently I moved my domain to Cloudflare because I notice the DNS NS record was not propagated globally with my previous DNS provider.

After the switch, I noticed that the same behaviour. You can check NS record at DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

I asked Namesilo (domain registrar) what is the cause, they asked me to contact Cloudflare…

Can you please tell me why NS record is not being propagated at all in some location?

Thank you.

That’s not a propagation issue. You have a broken DNSSEC configuration and need to fix that


Make sure the DNSSEC entries at your registrar match what Cloudflare gave you.

Hi Sandro,

Thank you so much for the tip.

I had no idea why there was a DS record set before. After removing that record, the NS records seems to be slowly propagated now.

Disabling DNSSEC certainly works too, I’d still recommend to rather fix it on the registrar’s side though.

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