NS record for lady.ns.cloudflare.com

I’m trying to add to Cloudflare an .it domain.
The problem is that i’m getting the following error message:
“The nameserver lady.ns.Cloudflare.com does not contain the NS record for lady.ns.Cloudflare.com

I used Cloudflare tens of times with .it domains and never had any issue, until today.
Any feedback would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

Are you getting that error message from your domain registrar or from Cloudflare?
Could you share the domain?

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From domain registrar.

Could you double check what nameservers Cloudflare gave you for that domain.

$ dig +short ns segretiperstarbene.it @lady.ns.Cloudflare.com

Some registries require verification that the nameservers you are giving are configured as authoritative nameservers before allowing you to enter then in the configuration. In this case, lady says that jerry and lina are authorative. And the zone will not go active in Cloudflare unless they are correct.


Hi @UCan, the issue @michael mentioned applies to European registrars. If you own the domain, you need to have name servers that will respond before you’ll be able to add it to Cloudflare. This may be in-process as the dig results I see are different than what @michael shared:

$ dig ns segretiperstarbene.it +short

And, I see a live site at https://segretiperstarbene.it/ (is that your site?). Finally, the above name servers appear to be propagating at the moment.

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Hi @cloonan that’s correct.
So in this case i just need to give more time for propagation?

Your domain still uses the nameservers of dominiofaidate.com. That is probably not what you intend to do, is it?

As @michael already asked, does Cloudflare give you jerry and lina as nameservers or is it lady and something else?

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I’m trying to switch from dominiofaidate.com to Cloudflare and Cloudflare gives me lady and sid.

When i try to update to update the nameserver i’m getting this message from the registar: “The nameserver lady.ns.Cloudflare.com does not contain the NS record for lady.ns.Cloudflare.com

Thats a common problem with .it domains then. Your domain is active on another Cloudflare account which has jerry and lina assigned. Hence these are the nameservers Cloudflare currently announces and as nic.it is one of those registries which attempts to verify the nameservers you try to set, the check for lady and sid will fail for now. You first have to remove the domain from that other account.

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