NS Record Change not updated after 5 days


i want to bring my domain backroadclub.com to Cloudflare. I also did this for other domains without any issues.
But for some reason i’m having trouble with this one.
After updating the NS Records, most DNS Servers changed them to the Cloudflare ones pretty fast. (according to dnschecker.org)
But for some reason, some just don’t. I’m still waiting for 5-6 Servers (alos according to dnschecker org) to finally update the NS Record for 5 days now.
I’m pretty nooby when it comes to DNS, can someone tell me what’s wrong here?

Thanks alot in advance!

WHOIS for your registrar still shows your old name servers. Make sure you’re updating the WHOIS info, and not DNS NS records.

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Thanks for the info, how can i change the whois info though?
The domain is on a cheap webhosting right now, as far as i can see I can only update records in the backend. Shouldn’t it update automagically when i change the NS Record. (or shouldn’t that be my hosters job?)

Also cause i’m interested: Why do some DNS Servers take the info out of the whois instead of the records?

You can’t set the authoritative NS in DNS. WHOIS tells the world which DNS server to use to find your DNS info. Using NS records is like a friend trying to find out where you are at that moment, but you make them have to ask you in person to find out.

Thanks alot, i actually found the setting at my hosters Backend where i can set the DNS server!


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