NS Record adds underscore to the record

the subdomain email.papajohns.com.ec DNS is not working

for some reason our subdomain “email” was changed for a “_email” and is not working any more, it was working fine but suddenly it appeared this underscore

it doesn’t allowed me to change it back to “email”, it says that there is already another record “email” but we only have a TXT record with “email”

we didn’t change anything, the change has been made by itself, maybe. the NS record should be “email” not “_email”

It doesn’t allowed us to make the change back to the correct subdomain “email”, it appears an error message that says:

“Non-NS records with that host already exist. (Code:81055)”

If you’re creating an NS delegation for email you need to remove the other records with that label from your DNS here and add them to the delegated NS instance.

Why it changed? :person_shrugging: But that’d be the mechanism to fix based on the error you’re seeing.

Thanks! I deleted all the email records and created them again, the only one that doesn’t was able to be created was the TXT record, but the 3 NS records were created without issues.

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