NS Problem in other regions

The name server changed a week ago, and still does not reflect on all regions.!! Domain name: classy.ee

WhatsMyDNS shows this as being properly propagated: DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool

Where are you seeing the invalid nameservers from, and is it related to another problem (i.e are you having any issues with records?)

all records are correct, but is the NS not reflected in all regions that is the problem?

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I assume this may help:

As for the record, it appears to be:
changed: 2022-11-21 11:30:09 +02:00

see somewhat the same:

As far as, I understand the issue is with the DNSSEC. The doc states:

If you are onboarding an existing domain to Cloudflare,  make sure 
DNSSEC is disabled at your registrar (where you purchased your domain 
name). Otherwise, your domain will experience connectivity errors when 
you change your nameservers.

This is what I see:

Read the doc for more information:

thank you && Solved ~^^

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