NS not work correctly with .design!

I was transfer my domain gconcept.design to Cloudflare few month ago, but it suddenly removed from my Cloudflare dns website because NS no longer point to Cloudflare, and i don’t know why, this domain managed by Cloudflare right now, but i can’t find where to change NS of domain. I was re-added to Cloudflare DNS Management but it’s “Pending Nameserver Update” three days ago.

I was contact with Cloudflare Support, they said i need to ask community but i think this issue about Cloudflare Registrar not about Cloudflare DNS Free Plan


Thank you for asking.

I can see RegistraStatus: serverHold for your domain name and that registrar is Cloudflare Registrar.

Check on the below link for more information about this status:

I can see domain nameservers are nia and todd.

Have you got a ticket number somewhere in the title or the content of the e-mail? :thinking:
If yes, can you reply here and share it with us so we could escalated it.

Was DNSSEC disabled or is it disabled for your domain name at Cloudflare dashboard?

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I transfer my domain to CF at 04/20/2021, then 01/30/2022 my nameserver no longer point to Cloudflare, and u know CF don’t provide change namserver function, and after that my website disapear .

  • DNSSEC is enabled .
  • I was checked NS from whois and is still nia and todd but CF can’t detect, and i was use some DNS debug but they give me null report.
  • My Ticket ID is #2376877

Thank you. I’ve escalated it.

Kindly and patiently wait for a reply here and on a ticket too.

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Try to disable it, if possible.

And domain is normally paid?
And your email related to your Cloudflare account is verified?

Thanks ,


I am looking into this and will reply to the ticket