NS not resolving

Hi all,

I changed my my NS records to dane ns & sofia ns
However, it seems Cloudflare couldnt detect them

Can someone give me a hint?

I checked by using Dig (DNS lookup)
Domain: beq.be

I got returned this:

#1: ns.zxcs.nl (parent)
#2: ns.zxcs.eu (parent)
#3: ns.zxcs.be (parent)
#4: sofia.ns.cloudflare.com (not parent)
#5: dane.ns.cloudflare.com (not parent)

If not already, please remove #1, #2 and #3 and only keep #4 and #5 as your nameservers added under the “Nameserver option” at your registar interface.

Some mixed up thing, see here on IntoDNS:

Maybe you listed Cloudflare’s nameservers under “private NS”. You should list them under the nameserver for domain, and not private.

WHOIS for .be for your domain returns:

Also, a detail to note: says DNSSEC enabled

Kindly, before switching nameservers, turn off / disable DNSSEC at your .be domain registar.

NS records aren’t sufficient. You need to change the WHOIS info at your domain registrar.

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Interesting insights yet!
Thanks all!
I’ll have a look at it!

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I did check with my hosting company, who informed me its not possible to change NS records in DirectAdmin.
I had to use their UI to modify the NS records, which I just did.
Let’s hope changes will be effective asap and everything will be fine!
Thanks for assistance! Especially the link to intodns - very usefull! :+1:

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