NS not propagating from Tucows Registrar or is it Cloudflare

Another one suffering from NS changes perhaps :slight_smile: We’re now 4 days without email or website and cannot get NS to propagate or for Cloudflare to recognise it so we can manage DNS via Cloudflare for extra security

We have changed our ns to bella and guy
https://tucowsdomains.com/whois-result/ lookup bettertrack.org

Propagation has been up and down for the past FOUR DAYS - is this the registrar’s problem with NS not getting out there so Cloudflare never finds it to enable DNS via Cloudflare?

How does one fix this since tried everything and had 20 follow ups with domain provider, domain registrar and two local experts who are at a loss

  1. I cleared cache in Cloudflare
  2. Should I delete website from Cloudflare or all DNS settings and start again? Must I only enter DNS AFTER propagation to Cloudflare NS otherwise the DNS just sits there ignoring the fact it is now the DNS?
  3. Will DNS settings only work with a paid Pro / Business service?
  4. Should I change from Tucows registrar to ANO since incompatible with Cloudflare NS?
  5. Should I start with a brand new Cloudflare account?
  6. Is there some other server / registrar trying to push old NS settings
  7. Is it because registrar is not in the same country as Cloudflare bella and guy ns’s?

I am exhausted with ideas…
Any help would be much appreciated.

Any other suggestions please?

You should start by changing the nameservers back to the default. Then, login to dash.cloudflare.com and select a plan type from the plans page, then, once the site is in your account, change your nameservers to the two assigned to that domain in Cloudflare. It looks like you’re midway in the process and already changed nameservers.

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Thank you so much for getting back to me.

I have allocated the site to the account (but not this once since I cannot post to the community with that email address since it’s not working and I therefore can’t validate it to access community :slight_smile: Catch 22

I am using the NS allocations of bella.ns and guy.ns (as listed under the Cloudflare website DNS setup page)

What are the default name servers please? Do I contact my registrar to change them from bella and guy to something else, or just delete altogether?

At what point do the Cloudflare DNS settings activate? Is there something Cloudflare picks up since on the whois register is showing: bella.ns.cloudflare.com and guy.ns.cloudflare.com?

Should I remove the website from my account (not this one) and start again given that the NS (tucows registrar) settings were set AFTER I setup the website and DNS settings in Cloudflare?

Any other help to figure why I cannot activate Cloudflare DNS would be much appreciated.

It would be good to know how/when Cloudflare gets triggered to become the DNS manager. Hence wondering through every conceivable scenario as to why it isn’t working.

I’m shattered:-)

I do not know what that means, sorry.

That’s the issue. Those nameservers may end up being assigned to the domain, but they are not now as the site is not on Cloudflare and does not have any associated records.

perhaps of other domains in your account, but for this one there is no dns page atm

I see there have been a lot of activity around that domain, but no, I don’t think you need to remove it…well, you have to finish adding it before you could remove it. So, I’d do what I suggested above.

By adding the site to Cloudflare and selecting a plan type

after you have selected the plan type and then changed the nameservers

Sorry, ubt it will work out, just remember not to change nameservers until after adding the site and selecting the plan type.

I’m sorry - my actual account with Cloudflare is {redacted}. That already has all the setups including the bella/guy name servers as you’ve helpfully explained above. You cannot see it here at {redacted}. The reason is that I cannot register to access the community using my actual {redacted} email/account since I cannot receive emails to verify my community account - hence I setup this {redacted} account which I can verify emails with and explain my problem.

As above, I’m using another account - this is a proxy - the bella/guy name servers were allocated there

Most of the time all the sites in your account seem to use the same nameservers, but not all the time. Moreover, changing the nameservers before adding a site to Cloudflare leaves it open for bad actors to take over your site described here, Security in place to prevent Domain Hijacking.

I just sent you a verification token for the account that was not receiving the emails, try that and let us know.


OK - I did just as you said. I was waiting 2.5 days and then got registrar to reset and just got them to reactivate NS again 18 hours ago. I’ll wait till the morning since shattered, thank you for your help.

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Is it worth deleting the website from my account and starting again knowing that the Tucows registrar has the correct settings for bella/guy? I changed the NS after setting up the Cloudflare account and site, so I have no idea why it’s not picking it up? Is there some cache blocker?

When you say plan type, must I have a Pro account at a minimum or will Free work OK too?

I’m really sorry but I am so stuck and have already lost prospects and goodwill with clients… it’s been going on since Thursday

yes, but the set up was/is not yet complete, so the ns change is premature.

We want to see working nameservers when we add domains to Cloudflare. as the two that were being used are not yet assigned they should not yet be used.

Free is perfect and a good place to start