NS not propagading for weeks

Hello, I have a domain I changed NS for from Coudns to Cloudflare over a week ago and it’s still saying " Pending name server update".

The issue is that for over a week it’s been propagated almost everywhere:

However, a few of the global DNS servers are stuck with old NS entries.

According to dnschecker.org the following are the ones stuck with old NS servers:
Canoga Park, CA, United States
Seoul, South Korea
Mumbai, India

What can be done about this?
I had cases before where propagation would take a bit longer but not weeks, there were no changes for over a week, just a few servers are stuck with the old configuration.

Please let me know if you have any ideas on how to fix this.

May I ask what is your domain name?

Furthermore, could you try to flush the NS type of the DNS record for your root domain (without www prefix) using below tools?:

Hello, the domain name is zrinzo.com .
I have done the DNS flush with the tools you provided however the issue still persists.
Thank you for the assistance.

It looks like that domain is registered with Instra, yet their own WHOIS does not show the correct name servers.

You need to update the WHOIS information at your domain registrar.

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