NS not pointing to host

I have this website ‘barbarossa.al’ and it has been working great with Cloudflare.
I recently decided to change the NS and point it to ns1.freehosting.com and ns2.freehosting.com but it’s been like 2 weeks that it won’t point not only there but also to other NS’s. I’ve also tried to add the respective A record but still no change.
Can anyone help me please?

Did you change the nameservers at the registrar?

The nameservers in registrar remain pointed to Cloudflare. I need the Cloudflare service, so I change the NS within Cloudflare DNS. At least this is how I have done it for like two years now.

If you want to use the Cloudflare service, you need to add the required DNS records in Cloudflare.

Creating NS records only works for subdomains, and it means you are no longer using Cloudflare for that subdomain.


I am using the DNS records in Cloudflare. If NS records in Cloudflare work only for subdomains then which record type should I add? I have also tried A record but still does not work.

A, AAAA, and CNAME records are generally used to point a domain to the origin server.

You hosting service should provide you with the appropriate records.

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I already have them, A records are and Still not working. I have also tried different hosting provider just to make sure the problem was not on freehosting but in Cloudflare.

I see no A records for barbarossa.al.

Can you post a screenshot of the records?

I see there is a A record in freehosting

$ dig @ns1.freehosting.com barbarossa.al
barbarossa.al.		3600	IN	A

Do you have A records in Cloudflare?

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I have the A records removed them a couple of hours ago. Going to add them again but don’t believe will change anything.

The NS records won’t work as explained by @Laudian. Remove them.

You need to add the appropriate A and/or CNAME records to Cloudflare to make your site accessible.

Also, there is no point hiding DNS records as they are public

$ dig barbarossa.al TXT
barbarossa.al.		300	IN	TXT	"v=spf1 include:zoho.com ~all"
barbarossa.al.		300	IN	TXT	"zoho-verification=zb85207344.zmverify.zoho.com"
$ dig _dmarc.barbarossa.al TXT
_dmarc.barbarossa.al.	300	IN	TXT	"v=DMARC1;  p=none; rua=mailto:[email protected]"
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I’ve just set the A records, but they have already been like that for a while and nothing happened.
Also, I didn’t know other records were public as I am not that much into this subject.

It is working now, sort of. A 521 error is returned

Have a read through this about possible solutions.

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