Ns not found


I have made the NS change in my domain.
I have added the domain in cloudflare
I have verified that the NS change has propagated successfully

It does not appear as an active site on cloudflare. I attachment the screenshot.

Could you help me please?
Thank you.

You didn’t set the Cloudflare nameservers at your registrar. You added two NS records at your host instead. You have to do the former.

But if you see the firs screenshoot, you can see the ns, right?

No, that is not correct. As I said you need to change it at your registrar. Do that and remove the two NS records at your host.

It was changed two days ago. Attached is a screenshot of the records on your current registrar.

For the third time, no it was not changed. What you set here is wrong. Remove these entries and change it at your registrar.

nslookup -type=ns tecoal.net b.gtld-servers.net
Server:  UnKnown

tecoal.net      nameserver = dns15251.phdns14.es
tecoal.net      nameserver = ns15251.phdns14.es

OK perfect. I have communicated this to the domain owner. I also do not understand why with my domain if it works

There really is not more to say I am afraid.

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