Ns modify - not working

Its been more than 24 hours since i updated my nameservers still site not active on cloudflare.
site: zacev.tk

Nothing in your DNS configuration even remotely points to Cloudflare.

Your registrar points to your host and your host has two meaningless NS records for arvancdn.com.

If you want to point your domain to Cloudflare you have to do so at your registrar.

i already pointed to cloudflare nameservers

Ehm, it would be nice if you addressed the responses you get :wink:

And no, your domain does not point to Cloudflare

nslookup -type=ns zacev.tk a.ns.tk
Server:  UnKnown

zacev.tk        nameserver = dns1.loginservers.com
zacev.tk        nameserver = dns2.loginservers.com
zacev.tk        nameserver = dns3.loginservers.com

but i already pointed to cloudflare using freenom

Then you need to talk to your registrar because that obviously did not work.

how can i talk to them they provide no support

You need to find a way, maybe they offer a community or paid support. I am afraid that issue is not Cloudflare related and hence somewhat off-topic here.

hmmm i should close this