NS issue with cloudflar

Hi all,
recently i changed the NS name to point to the Cloudflare CDN:
domain name : artedelnodo.it ON
As Cloudflare indicated me on the admin panel. the issue is after almost 2 days Cloudflare still is not able to see my NS updated.
could you please help me to find the issue?

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Hi @mkmazid,

you haven’t actually changed them. You need to change them at your registrar, not on your DNS panel as you have done.

At the moment they are two *.dns.tiscali.it ones.

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Hi @matteo ,

I’ve done this from Tiscali, and there I see only the Cloudflare Name servers,
can I ask from where you see Tiscali? even if i do simple nslookup i see cloudflar name servers as well

It needs to be see by doing a WHOIS, you can do it via the command line using whois or here http://whois.domaintools.com/

If you set the nameservers in the DNS it doesn’t work because they are not authoritative for the domain.

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