NS error when using IDN

14 hours before I added new international domain “умкакерчь.рф” (PUNY code “умкакерчь.рф”) to Cloudflare and changed DNS servers to Cloudflare. Now as I can see online toools detects NS correctly. But these NS can’t give IP and page doesn’t load with error “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN”.

Moreover, in dashboard, when I navigate, I see following error:
“API Request Failed: GET /api/v4/accounts/…/registrar/domains/умкакерчь.рф (404)”

DNS records was loaded automatically by Cloudflare and they are correct.

Have you any suggestion re this issue?

You havent set up a DNS record for your naked domain.

Thanks, but I configured everything as needed:

That might actually be a Unicode issue.

Currently, you dont have your naked domain configured but умкакерчь.рф.умкакерчь.рф instead. Try editing умкакерчь.рф and replace it with @.

@cloonan, maybe an issue with Cloudflare not recognising that this Unicode entry is actually the naked domain? Some missing Punycode encoding or one too many?

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Many thanks! It is worked fine.
I forgot abt “@” sign :roll_eyes:

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