Hello. Today my connection at home dropped for a bit, ISP hasn’t been the most reliable lately. After connection went back up, I noticed my home server was unreachable via my cloudflared-proxied hostname. I’m using a Cloudflare Tunnel (CLI set up). I know the problem is not just on my network, because I can’t access it via mobile network or via services like IsItDownForEveryone. The error I get is NS_ERROR_UNKNOWN_HOST via web debugging. It’s also unreachable with commands like ping or traceroute.
According to all the tools at my disposal, the hostname SHOULD be reachable. Cloudflared service is running correctly, the tunnel is labeled as “Healthy”, all my services are up and running proxied through Traefik, which is also accessible via LAN IP. My Cloudflare-assigned nameservers are configured on my domain.

I have restarted my server and my router. I have ran cloudflared tunnel cleanup on the respective tunnel. I have restarted the cloudflared service. I have refreshed the nameservers on my domain.
All config files should, in theory, be fine, since this wasn’t a problem until earlier this morning and it’s been working fine for about three weeks now.
Any clues about how I could troubleshoot this? Is this something that I should take up to Freenom -my domain provider? Or with my ISP?
Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

The Gabonese registry has withdrawn the accreditation of Freenom.

You probably do not have access to that domain any more.


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