NS/DNS not responding of domain registered with CloudFlare

I registered a domain name with CloudFlare kettlebellexercises.fitness
I am 100% certain that the IP was pointing correctly to

When adding the domain to Plesk it keeps reporting that the DNS does not point to and it keeps giving different IPs.

When I do an NS lookup I get

But the setting is
Type A
Name kettlebellexercises.fitness

PS. It seems Cloudflare itself is uncontactable which has drastically made me reconsider building the rest of our infrastructure with them. Everything seems to point to the community, which is great, but at some point there could be an issue not solvable by the community.

Cloudflare provides a variety of services beyond DNS such as caching, web application firewall, server less compute, etc. it does this by being a proxy. That means it advertises its own address and forwards requests when necessary to your origin.

If pleas is checking public DNS the. It is correct it points to Cloudflare IPs because that is how Cloudflare provides those services.

Other than pleas not understanding you are using Cloudflare are you experiencing an issue?

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I can’t put SSL on it because it gives an error about the IP not matching up in Plesk.
It looks like the issue is with Plesk.

You are correct, I did not understand the proxy.
It appears the issue is within Plesk or the whole setup. I’m not sure what is different this time as I set up many domains via Plesk, the only difference with this domain is that I registered it through CloudFlare.
It seems to have an issue with a redirect but no idea where that redirect is. I’m going to look in CloudFlare settings.

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