NS DNS issue


My domain resolves NS without Cloudflare successfully. (Domain registrar is not Cloudflare)

I pointed my domain with ns records to Cloudflare but not resolving dns anymore.

domain: beylikduzuyardim.org.tr
ns records: braelyn.ns.cloudf…, luke.ns.cloudf…

Cloudflare configuration:
;; NS Records
beylikduzuyardim.org.tr. 1 IN NS eu.dnsenable.com.
beylikduzuyardim.org.tr. 1 IN NS tr.dnsenable.com.

What’s the problem? I need to point hosting without A record.

seems to work now, does it?

I redirected to another domain and added A record. It failed with only ns records.

I don’t quite understand the problem?
A domain without any A(AAA) or CNAME to a domain with one can‘t work.

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