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I am new to CF and trying to setup my website as a FREE account for now. I entered my domain name and it shows me some NS entries and wants me to change NS of my domain to direct to CF’s NS.

My website is currently working with moderate traffic on the site.

I can change the NS however I have two concerns/questions before I change these.

  1. I am using Google as my Email provider so there are some MX records already been added for Google email services. So When I Change my A, AAAA, NS details as per CF will it affect my Google Services?

  2. My current NS are pointing to my hosting services, when I will change NS to CF’s NS, How much time approx it would take to reflect and will there be any downtime for the website?

If anyone can help or guide me about my questions that would be great so make me prepare these changes looking at the traffic on my website.


Hi @emileaus,

During the setup Cloudflare will try to get most of the DNS records, however I’d advise that you should double check them and make sure that they match the records from your hosting provider. Changes will only be applied once the nameservers have been updated by your registrar.

There shouldn’t be any downtime if all settings are correct. Usually for DNS propagation it can take up-to 24h

You can check it with this tool: DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

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