NS delegation to cloudflare


I am trying to delegate an NS to cloudlfare.
Let’s say I have a . b . com and I want to add an NS to use cloudflare dns under a . b . com
The idea is to manage anything to the left, like x . a . b . com using cloudflare free tier account.

Cloudflare is asking for a whole domain, and I don’t find any way to tell it to manage a . b . com, it looks it wants b.com
¿Any pointer?

Edit: I added spaces between the dots since the forun takes them as “links”.


To make it more explicit, I am using afraid . org service on an existing domain mdq . com . ar and I’d like to delegate me . mdq . com . ar to cloudflare.
I can add an NS to me . mdq . com . ar and I’d like to have cloudflare understand it should me create entries to the left of "me . "


Cloudflare needs to be the authoritative nameservers for your domain. i.e. your root domain. You can’t just add a subdomain with NS records.

On business and enterprise plans, you could do this with CNAME.

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