NS Cname to Cloudflare?

Hello, Is it possible for me to create an NS Record ns1.abc.com & ns2.abc.com for my clients to point their domain to but the ns domain points to Cloudflare? and register the client’s domain with Cloudflare?

Client - Ns1.abc.com, Ns2.abc.com
Me: Ns1.abc.com is a cname for ns1.cloudflare.com, Ns2.abc.com is a cname for ns2.cloudflare.com

Register Client domain with Cloudflare with this config?

No, it won’t work as Cloudflare requires nameservers of the format name.ns.cloudflare.com to be used for a domain or it will be ejected from the account. These names are used as an authentication that the domain is under the control of the Cloudflare account owner.

What you need are vanity nameservers which require a business or enterprise account.

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@matthias3 may be interested in

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