Ns.cloudflare.com is not authoritative for zone

I am trying to move a domain from one account one CF to another, but my ISP (where I registered the domain) doesn’t allow me to update the nameservers (gabe and lana.ns.cloudflare.com) on their control panel. I get the following error message:

Could not service request, correct request and try again: Parameter value policy error [While checking Nameserver hostname for nameserver: gabe.ns.cloudflare.com for domain: ******.ie
gabe.ns.cloudflare.com is not authoritative for zone *****.ie.
While checking Nameserver hostname for nameserver: lana.ns.cloudflare.com for domain: *****.ie
lana.ns.cloudflare.com is not authoritative for zone *****.ie.]
[Error/status code: 400][Body: ]
Error Code: 0x10352eed.
Report ID: 9978682

I have spoken to the ISP about this and they claim the issue is with CF as they “see this all the time”, and this is a problem CF needs to correct.

Initially, I successfully managed to add the domain to my primary CF account. I have to move this to a secondary account in order to give a 3rd party consultant shared access to maintain the DNS file. So in order to do this, I successfully removed the domain from the primary account (and got an email from CF confirming that it has been removed), and is now trying to add it to the secondary account, but without success.

Any advice would be appreciated

Hi @ikoonman,

Looks like:

Thank you!

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