NS changes on new domain


i’ve added a new domain yesterday to our console and surprisingly the NS records provided are not those we use since few years now.

Any reason why this is happening and eventually, is there any way to fix this?


While often domains added to an account will use the same name servers, this is not guaranteed. As they are used to prove ownership of a domain, there could be a number of internal reasons why a different set have been provided.

If you want the same nameservers across all zones, you will need to use account-level vanity nameservers (requires a business or enterprise zone in the account).

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Did you add the nameservers at the registrar before you added the domain to Cloudflare? That now results in new namseververs being assigned to the domain. Nameservers should not be set at the registrar until instructed by Cloudflare.

If it is important for you to have the same nameserver names across multiple domains, the custom method referenced by @sjr is the only guaranteed option.


Hi @epic.network

i believe you’ve got the issue here!
In this specific case, the team member responsible for domain registration have processed the registration manually, bypassing our scripts chain. I got confirmation that NS were supplied before the domain was added to CF.

Thanks everybody contributed to the thread

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