NS change not being reflected

Hi all,
I have a website on shared hosting via a 3rd party company brand-street.com . I have asked the people to change the dns over a week ago, and they confirmed they did. They sent me a picture of who.is showing that indeed my nameservers have been changed, but on cloudflare it is still showing my old nameservers under the setup website section?
And when I go to https://www.1api.net/whois?query=brand-street.com to check it shows my old nameservers still.

I am not understanding how 1api can show my old ns, but who.is shows the new ones, and cloudflare setup shows old ones too?

My website is brand-street, not the 3rd party company

I am afraid they didn’t. They created two NS records instead of actually changing the nameservers.

Hi, thanks for the reply. This is the picture they sent me for reference:

So given you said they created new ones, am I correct in thinking I need to tell them to remove the two extra ones and actaully change the ns that say ns1.criticalcase.com and ns2.criticalcase.com to my cloudflare assigned ones? And do they need to delete the ns3 and ns4 entries or do they stay as they are now?


These are the two NS records they created. This is not changing the nameservers.

They need to remove these two records again and properly change the nameservers of the domain.

Ok great, thank you for helping! I will relay this information on to them now.

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Hi all,
My website (brand-street.com) is being hosted through a 3rd party, so I asked them to change my NS and they did so on Monday. It has been nearly 48hrs and my website is still down.
This is my dns zone settings they sent me today:

And these are my cloudflare settings:

Is there something that is wrong/missing, or do I just need to wait a bit longer for the new dns to propagate?

(Not sure if it is any help but originally the 3rd party people added my 2 cloudflare ns as new records and kept the old ones. Then on monday I told them to delete the ones they added and the old ones, and just add 2 records for cloudflare. Once they did this, my website went down. They told me “Your NS’s have changed and @ A Record is not working, please fix the Cloudflare problem” , but to me it looks correct?)


Still the same issue as two days ago. Your nameservers still dont point to Cloudflare.

Is it a case of waiting for it to update or has my 3rd party done it wrong again?

As far as I understand they haven’t done anything (or, alternatively, they just repeated it). Your domain does not use the nameservers of Cloudflare -> https://www.whois.com/whois/brand-street.com

I think they must have mis-understood when I replayed your previous message and did repeat it… I will speak to them again and try to fix it. Thank you for helping

Tell them to change the nameservers of your domain. This does not involve adding any NS records on their side.

Basically, https://www.whois.com/whois/brand-street.com needs to show the assigned Cloudflare nameservers.

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