Now that I've set up Cloudflare DNS records manually, do I delete the same records found at my hosting provider Cpanel?


Do I need to delete the records I’ve copied to cloudflare from my domain hosts Cpanel?



Nope. Only if you turn CF off would this be an issue. If you ever reverted to your original host and made changes in Cloudflare they would not be replicated at your host. Once your CF Nameservers take hold, they are your Authoritative DNS (unless you pause CF which will in fact expose your Origin hosts IP).


Supplementing Stuart’s answer, the web server itself needs to know where to route certain external services. For example you might have mail at google and your website has a contact form sending to [email protected] . You should mirror the dns zones so that mail generated by the website gets routed properly (externally).


Thanks @jules Yes, it’s a given (but maybe not obvious to some) that MX records be replicated on CF. MX records on your host won’t matter once your NS take hold (original post) so you need to do all top level records on CF… i.e. A, CNAME, MX, TXT, SPF etc. I use a lot of SMTP services within CF sites they’ve never failed using the authoritative DNS (CF) and work as expected.


I usually work on IIS with ColdFusion. It seems to matter there, regardless of the nameserver. Maybe it’s just java mail that doesn’t look past the host’s zones if they exist.

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