NOW AVAILABLE: Search on Cloudflare Radar

Use the new search bar at the top of to search for locations, autonomous systems, Radar reports, and domain name and IP address (both IPv4 & IPv6) information.

Search as you type for locations (country-level only, currently) and autonomous system names. Click on the relevant result to go to the associated Cloudflare Radar page.

Type an autonomous system number (ASN) into the search box to find the associated network. Click on the result to go to the related Cloudflare Radar ASN page.

Looking for information about a domain? Type a domain name into the search bar, and click on the result to go to the domain information page, which provides categorization information, visitor location, WHOIS registration data, and associated TLS certificates.

You seem to remember a Cloudflare Radar report about IPv6 adoption, or search engine referrals, or maybe it was DDoS attack trends…

Now you can find it by typing keywords into the search bar to get a list of associated report titles. Click a title to go directly to the report.

You can enter an IPv4 or IPv6 address in the search box as well. Click on the result to go to a Cloudflare Radar page that provides information on the geolocation and autonomous system associated with the address.


It’s great to be able to search Cloudflare Radar for more detailed information. Thanks for sharing.

I stumbled upon what seems to be a glitch in the presentation of an IP address search.

Out of curiosity, I entered an IP address that had sent a couple thousand malicious requests to one of my websites recently.

Though Cloudflare Radar correctly labeled it as an IP belonging to a Digital Ocean ASN, the text wrongly states that the IP I searched for is my current IP address.

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That “you are connecting from” text is associated with the “My Connection” page from the left-side nav bar. I’ll work with the team to modify the wording.