Novice, DNS records, mail server not working and trying to route another domain to my shared host IP

Forgive me, I’m a very big novice. I have changed the nameservers of DomainA to use with cloudlfare. DomainA email is not working properly and i’d like to have DomainB route to DomainA
DomainA’s records:
A ftp 198.252.XX.XXX
A mail 198.252.XX.XXX
A 198.252.XX.XXX
A whm 198.252.XX.XXX
CNAME www DomainA
MX DomainA XXXXXXhost

[+ 4 TXT enteries = default._domainkey, _dmarc, _acme-challange, DomainA

DomainB’s records
A ftp 198.252.XX.XXX
A DomainA 198.252.XX.XXX
A whm 198.252.XX.XXX
CNAME www DomainB

[+ 2 TXT enteries = default._domainkey, _acme-challange]

Thank you for all the help

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