Notion page direct to my own domain URL

Can someone walk me through how to turn my the URL domain i own and direct people to my Notion page’s URL? Put another way: can someone take my Notion page’s url and make it my own domain? Thanks

That sounds like a custom domain setup at Notion. I’ve not heard of them, but their support documents should have instructions. It probably involves adding CNAMES to your Cloudflare DNS.

Well i found a Medium article that details each step on how to do it in Cloudflare. But i still couldn’t figure it out. Here’s the article…

That tutorial is everything you need to do this. How far have you gotten?

I signed up. But as soon as it got to copy/pasting NameServers and changing my GoDaddy DNS part i was lost. I think it’s cuz GoDaddy has different labels and so I couldn’t follow step-by-step.

Do you know how to do this? This is an example of how another person did this with their Notion Page…

Ok. What’s your domain? Cloudflare should have instructed you to set custom name servers at GoDaddy (Option 3):

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