Notion not loading Gallery view


I’ve been using cloudflare + fruition + notion for quite some time as my portfolio and this week I’m facing a problem that I’m not sure how to solve it.

The Gallery view is not showing on my notion page when using the custom url (cloudflare).
You can check here:

however, when I just access the notion link, everything loads normally
you can check here:

Does anyone run into this problem?
How can I solve it?

Have a great weekend ahead!


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Hey, no one seems to know a fixing for this right? :confused:

Ok I found the fix:

  1. go to your worker.js in your Cloudflare
  2. Open this page
  3. You will see a line 122 in Red (-). Search for that line in your worker.js and delete
  4. You see right after the line in Red there are 10 lines in green (+) 122 to 131. Copy them and paste where you deleted them in your worker.js
  5. Ging towards the end of the document, there is line 224. Copy and paste in your worker.js right after the line above saying “window.CONFIG.domain…”

I hope it helps! Worked here =)

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Thanks for this :slight_smile: