Notion Gallery not showing up through Cloudflare

Been using Cloudflare for some time now to redirect to my Notion page. Recently, the Notion gallery hasn’t been showing up. I can see some errors popping up in the ‘Inspect’ about failing to load resource.

Tried the fixes from the page below but they didn’t work.,pause%20Cloudflare%20Open%20external%20link%20

For reference the link is while the Notion link is

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Hi! Before, my gallery would show up when using the Cloudflare link. However, now it is no longer visible.

For reference, my Cloudflare link is and my Notion link is

I tried the fixes here but they didn’t work:,pause%20Cloudflare%20Open%20external%20link%20

Any ideas on how to fix this?

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Works for me!


but ;-;

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I’m having same problem. I struggled for a few days, but there was no way I could personally solve the problem. I am seriously considering whether I should use a method other than cloudflare. If this problem is not resolved quickly, all Notion users will leave.