Notifications not updating on social media site

I have a social media site with notifications. the notifications are only showing the same old notifications and no new ones. I was told by the plugin that the notifications are being served by Cloudflare. they suggested I whitelist a URL from being served how can I do this. or could there be another issue causing this problem.

Hi Jesse,

It seems that the notification content is still served from Cloudflare (CDN) which means it doesn’t get the latest result. See the attached screenshot.

You might want to whitelist this URL below from Cloudflare, so it won’t be cached and always get the latest content:

Try a page rule like:

After that purge the cache on your dashboard. Give it some time to propagate within the network.

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thank you for that. I am starting to believe Cloudflare is doing what it suppose to be doing and the problem lies somewhere else but I will add that page rule though. Thanks a lot.

Can you try going to the Overview section and putting your domain into Development Mode (Quick Action button)? That will leave you with most of the protection, but more live data.

I tried that but no success. I should say I am also using Super Progressive web App which I think may be what started the problem in the first place.

actually the site works when I run a script that supposedly force Cloudflare to get the latest information so the problem may lie with Cloudflare. when I run this with my site open the site updates and displays correctly

Here is a screen shot of what my other support says is the problem. Cloudflare is serving this

Also to note the page displays all latest updates when I purge my browser cache