Notifications for failed deployments

When a deployment fails of my Cloudflare Page (building from Github repo), I do not get any kind of notification, especially via email. I don’t know how else I’m supposed to know that I get a failure, other than constantly keeping this page open and refreshing it.

How can I set up the deployment automation to email me when there is a failure?

Using something like cf-pages-await, you could wait on the result of a build in a GitHub Action and then send a notification to yourself via Discord, Slack, etc.

I do know that notifications are on the roadmap for Pages though so I’d keep an eye out for a native integration in the future.

My solution is to setup a pages project with Direct Upload instead of Connect to Git, and then use GitHub Actions to build the page with pages action. GitHub will notify me via email if the build fails.

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This would also let me verify changes without publishing, such as in PRs. Good idea.