Notification only sending data for one site in my account

I’m getting a weekly email from Cloudflare for “Web Analytics”, which is great! But for some reason it only includes one of my sites… in fact, one of my smaller ones!

What’s the magic trick to get it to send data on all of the sites? Or at least the top site?

Might be your other zones under your CF Account aren’t configured and setup? :thinking:

Navigate to the Analytics & Logs → Web Analytics.
Therefrom, you can select and setup Analytics for particular zones/domains which you’d like to get the feedback.

Might be some were added automatically due to the process of improvement and changes of the Cloudflare services through the meantime, others weren’t.

If some of the sites are missing on the list, you could add it from the right sidebar option “Add a site”.

Helpful article:

Furthermore, it might be you’d have to double-check the Notifications menu and configure them.

There’s difference between Account Analytics and Web/Zone Analytics too:

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It does look like I can add them manually. The process was scary, though! The verbiage is a bit misleading.

“Add a Site” makes it sound like you’re adding a new site to the account, not to the Analytics.

And then once you do start to add the site, you get a warning that says,

This hostname belongs to an existing website on your account. Deploy with automatic setup.

But then there’s no information on how to “deploy with automatic setup”, your options are “Done” or “Cancel”! So it really feels like you’re about to mess up your DNS. I first tried it with some of my smallest sites, then waited 24 hours to make sure it was all good :open_mouth:

For future reference, how do I ensure that sites are automatically added? I’m stuck going through all of them one at a time, and it’s taking forever :frowning:

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