Notification on when server fails and system goes into AlwaysOnline mode

Previous to switching to Cloudflare we had a simple off site script the ran to confirm the content on the page was correct. This ensured we were notified by email in case of any issues. It’s a Perl script that uses LWP to make the request and read the result through a https request.

However, once we moved over the Cloudflare we could no longer connect ot the server directly and get the following error:
500 SSL negotiation failed

I’ve tried to upgrade to the latest LWP to get thing going again with no luck. Presumably this is just the way the Cloudflare systems handle these requests.

I thought perhaps there might be some way to get Cloudflare to send notifications when the server is not serving pages correctly, but could not find something.

Any suggestions out there to get notifications when the server is not serving pages well again?

I just use a service such as and set it to notify by email if a certain word is present. e.g. “Cloudflare” or “Error”… not sure if this would be any use in your situation :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the suggestion. Although it’s not exactly what I was looking for I appreciated it and it gets me a way to achieve what’s needed.

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