Notification Emails Stopped Working

Hi All,

My WordPress site has stopped sending any notification emails out, the abandoned cart is not sending any emails, the contact form on the website is not sending any email notifications, tried testing the purchase notification template and no emails are being sent out.

Please need help.


As always, any email-related hostname in your account needs to be set to :grey: DNS Only.

For WordPress email, I highly recommend WP Forms SMTP plugin for reliable email sending. I route mine through Sendgrid.

Hey Mate,

Do you mean I should change

CNAME mail
A webmail

These two records to DNS only instead of Proxied in Cloudflare.

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Sorry, I forgot to include a link the the tutorial from the Search function here (searching for ‘email’ helps)

Thanks for sending that link through I have already gone through that link before but I am still confused. Any help would be appreciated.

I already have an SMTP and as per your recomendation I was trying to install this WP Forms Smtp plugin after putting all me smtp details in it was trying to configure everything for me but then returned with the

Error 524 Timeout Error

And its the same error that comes up on my contact form too.

And this error is something specific to Cloudflare …

You shouldn’t use a CNAME for ‘mail’. It should be an “A” record with the IP address of your server. Probably the same IP address as your other records. And it should be set to :grey: DNS Only.

is this now fine mate

That’s the way.

Still no go mate have deleted the CNAME record from cloudflare and zone editor and have added a mail record with “A” in both cloudflare and zone editor

Without knowing the actual domain, I can’t check. But if that’s the IP address of your server, it may take five minutes for DNS to propagate, then make sure whatever you use to send mail points to the ‘mail’ hostname for outbound mail.

Domain is :

this is the zone editor i made for the A record after removing the CNAME for mail , does this one look aright to you as well

Also there is one MX entry for Mail in cloudflare hope we need to keep that as it is

Still getting that Error 524

Why this need? You can’t receive email on a :orange: Proxied hostname.

Its not proxied its on DNS if I delete this MX still dont get emails and there is DNS error

And if I add this MX record back again still dont get emails

As advised I have removed the CNAME for “Mail” and added the A record for mail pointing to the IP address. And since I have a A record now for mail I believe we need a MX record too , so now I have

  1. No CNAME for “Mail”
  2. A reocrd for “Mail” pointing to the IP address
  3. MX record pointing to my mail server -

But still no go mate, where am I going wrong?

Step 3. MX points to a :orange: Proxied hostname. It should point to, which is :grey: DNS Only.

Tried that before it was not working but once you confirmed it I became sure I am in the right direction, all it was needed was to change the smtp in the wordpress from to and all notifications started working.

Thanks for your patience mate, You are a Legend, Have a great day.

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