Noticed a recent drop in % Cached. Anyone else?

I’ve been on vacation, logged in this morning and saw this:

Never seen a drop like this unless I clear cache. Usually, always about 80% cached:

Anyone else notice any similar drop? Temp glitch? A change to free accounts (I do pay for add-ons)?

Comparing last 24h vs 30 days? :thinking:
You can’t achieve 100% for sure depending on the Website, if that’s your plan?

What kind of selected options and configuration have you got for the cache features at Cloudflare dashboard?

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100% isn’t possible. It usually sits at ~ 90%. You can see in the 24 hr screenshot that is fell below 50% for some reason for several hours. That has not occurred previously.

Drops are usually if I purge the cache, then it takes a few hours to ramp back up. So I was checking if maybe there was a more global Cloudflare maintenance or purge on the edge cache/servers or some other reason behind this recent drop.

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