Notice of Tort Claims and Intent to Sue (Net Neutrality DNS blocking)

I had used a to preserve documents regarding racial discrimination under the business records exception to the heresay rule, only to find out that your service is not properly serving DNS requests because of some business stance that you have taken, however that business stance is in violation of my state’s net neutrality laws, and therefore I would like you to stop preventing court, litigants, and the public’s access to archived documents.

Can you elaborate on that?

The business stance to not relay EDNS client subnet information under your obligations as a common carrier.

Ehm, so first of all, you are perfectly aware that it is not Cloudflare blocking them, but them blocking Cloudflare. So why that thread in the first place?

Second, EDNS is an extension to DNS and no resolver is obliged to provide that. It is their stance to block Cloudflare, not Cloudflare’s.

Do you want to argue law with me about what your legal obligations are, or do you want to fix the problem? If you want to argue the law we will end up in court, if you want to fix the problem you can get a thank you out of it.

I simply explained the situation to you. If you want to pursue that, you best contact a legal representative, as you already mentioned.

The community cannot help with this issue.

Are you even an employee of the firm?

Again, the community cannot help with this issue and you need to contact a lawyer if you have concerns here.

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As mentioned by @sandro this is not a question that can be addressed by the Community. I’d suggest you create an account ticket with the Support team and they will route it to the appropriate team at Cloudflare.

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