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Wenesday february 15 Cloudflare have send me a mail to said the DNS for have changed for the Cloudflare ones but today saturday 18 the web site is still pointing to OVH where I bought my domain.
So can you tell me a little more about that?

Can you clarify more about what you mean by “the web site is still pointing to OVH where I bought my domain”?
As far as I can see, your website is fully onboarded to Cloudflare and ready to go. You are using Cloudflare’s nameservers, and you have proxy enabled on the record, allowing you to take advantage of Cloudflare’s DDoS Protection, Caching, and more.

Cloudflare does not cache HTML by default, but if your site is static, you could use a Page Rule or Cache Rule to enable caching on everything. This would allow Cloudflare to serve your site from its edge cache without contacting your origin (your web host behind Cloudflare) for every request, which can greatly help performance and reduce origin load/bandwidth used.
For more general information on getting started:

It may be worth noting that the way you have configured Cloudflare right now, unless you did go ahead and set up Cloudflare Pages or one of Cloudflare’s hosting offerings (you would know if you did). Cloudflare is acting as a reverse proxy and connecting to your configured host as normal. It is not replacing your web host, just acting as a layer in front of it. Cloudflare does also have hosting solutions like Cloudflare Pages, which work great, but they are not as “friendly” as some other web hosting solutions for non-technical people. If that is what you mean by “still pointing at OVH”, then yes, you are still depending on them to be your web host, if that is who you are using for your web host.

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