Notes to DNS records

I don’t know why I couldn’t post the following comment. Adding it as an image.

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SPF fails open, which means that if the record does not validate the receiving MTA treats the message as if there was no SPF record at all.

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Any updates? This is a much-needed feature.

Haayaaa, just adding three days to the livable lifetime of this thread before it is marked as a candidate for deletion, lol.

Cloudflare, it can’t be much to just add a text column to the (big) DNS records table you have, name it (notes) and make it available… can it be much? lol.


This’d be very helpful for keeping DNS management organized and tidy.
Please add this feature, it’s much needed!


+1. This would be really helpful for me

This is coming soon. Hopefully before the end of this year.


Yes I can’t believe this post started in 2018… so many people vote for it and still no such a feature. It doesn’t seem very difficult to implement though… just a mere textbox.

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It would be amazing to have a small notes field for each DNS entry so you could document things like, what datacenter, what the purpose is, and so on.

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We have a lot of entries and quite frankly, it’s impossible to tell what a specific entry is for (or if anything was set up temporarily that needs deleting).

DNS entries are abstract for the most part and function such as notes, date added, date last modified, entry history, etc. will be super helpful.


This feature would be extremely useful, being able to add related info when making /dns_records API calls. Yes please!


Wow, four years later, and this thread is still open! :slight_smile:

If that’s not a sign that this feature is really important and relevant for the Cloudflare user community, then I don’t know what is!

Well, let’s trust @adspedia and wait until the end of 2022!

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Feature request threads don’t get closed.


Thank you for your patience. Trying to make it happen this year.


Ahahahaha… want to put money on it?