Notes to DNS records


I could be nice to have a box to ad a note to the dns records for internal use only so there is:



DNS record notes
Add Description or Remark to each dns records
Suggestion: DNS records comments

I can definitely see where this feature would be useful. I’ve passed this feedback on to the team working on the next iteration of the DNS app. From what they’ve told me, you’re not the only person to ask for a notes or comments field, and there’s a good chance we’ll be able to implement this at some point in the future.

Thanks for taking the time to provide us with this feedback!



yes please :+1:

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Hello, I have a suggestion: a button/box or something to allow short personal comments in each DNS record.

In Bind we can do things like:

entry 7200 IN A ;this is a comment

We miss this after moved to CloudFlare. In big zones, comments help to keep things under control.



Agree with you, it would be great to be able to add a simple internal text note to each DNS record (like a purpose of the record, information about who is responsible for this subdomain etc.)



I agree, this would be huge for me. I didn’t realize how bad I needed it until today when one of our vendors asked me to enter some SendGrid entries so their service can send email on our behalf. We already had some entries, but I can’t tell which vendor they are for so I can verify it’s one we still use. We also have multiple vendors in our SPF TXT record and it would be nice to update the comment any time I add or remove an entry to that TXT record just to help remind myself if I don’t look at it again for a year.

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