Not working when Proxy is on for domain and static IP

Dear fellows!
I am facing problem with my DNS settings, I have entered A record for my static IP and it works fine when the proxy is off, When I On the proxy it gives me connection time out. Before there was no firewall on my server machine so it was working fine for both Proxy on or off. But know I have a firewall on my server. Hope its happening because of that. Please suggest me what I do.

Need your help in this regards,

In simple words you can say, When DNS only it works fine but when proxy on 522 error.

Sorry Sandro is that related to domain name?

Have a look at Community Tip - Fixing Error 522: Connection timed out.

You’ll likely need to allow all Cloudflare IPs.

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They are too many, my friend

You need to add them all, or use Cloudflare Tunnels and whitelist those IPs instead.

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