Not working on Safari

Yesterday I changed my nameservers to the ones Cloudflare gave me in my domain register, and I got SSL from Cloudflare. The problem is that my website doesn’t load in Safari? It loads in Chrome on desktop, but it doesn’t load on Android browsers.

Did you not before? If so, you should pause Cloudflare and first make sure your server is properly configured for SSL, otherwise the whole thing won’t work.

Sorry the SSL part was wrong

What’s the domain?


That’s not a domain I am afraid. Post the actual domain name.

the end is .com

All right, seems to work, however you do not have a DNS entry for the naked domain, you should add that (i.e. with the same IP address as your www entry) and then it should properly load.

Also make sure your encryption mode is Full Strict.

That’s an amazingly quick reply! THANKS
I’m not very technical so need to understand a bit more:

  • What should the DNS entry for the naked domain look like?
  • Where do I set encryption mode?

The DNS entry should be named (or @, which is the same) → Adding DNS Records

The encryption mode is set at and has to be “Full Strict”.

Succeeded in updating encryption mode

No completely sure what to do here:

You either add CNAME entry for the mentioned name and point it to www or use an A entry

The tutorial I mentioned explains how to add both kind of DNS entries.

Thanks, I believe it worked with CNAME, but didn’t accept with A

other way round…

And will it now take som time to propogate?¨

DNS should be correct and it’s already loading →

And yes, it may need a couple of hours to propagate, though it’s already up to date in a few locations → DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

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Sounds good, although I do get this error message on sitemeer

Seems you are running into a block I am afraid. Screenshot attached.