Not working my website security

I registered my website with cloudfare, but i didn’t get secure, is there any problems?
My domain is :, I hosting my doamin in Infinityfree

Install Cloudflare SSL certificate at your hosting server.

I installed

If you disable Cloudflare proxy, does it shows installed?

Maybe check once if properly installed or not.

Don’t use this shortcut one click method.

Create a Cloudflare account and add your domain there.

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Click on Edge Cert

Does it shows active ssl?


I see it is loading in your browser. Please wait 10 seconds before taking a screenshot.

at DNS records of Cloudflare page then does your site load?

This. This is why I told above :smiley:

I really hate it. It doesn’t offer whole features.

Go and create a new Cloudflare acc and setup again!

Please Reply anyone​:sleepy::sweat:

I created new account with signing up, but there show this :disappointed_relieved:

Is it just me, or are those hostnames just not resolving?

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