Not using custom challenge page

I have created a custom challenge page to be used by cloudflare when specified countries hit the site. When those countries hit the site, they are prompted with the cloudflare default challenge page instead of the custom one I have set.

What is going on in this situation?

Is it blocked via “IP Access Rules” or “Firewall Rules” (the ones where you define an expression with IFs and ORs)?

Its done via firewall rules. This is the current firewall rule in question

EDIT: Its worth noting that this is enabled, and I’ve seen that it has been used several hundred times so far

This is what it should look like with the custom page enabled right?

I believe the “Custom Pages” sections “Country Challenge” and “IP/Country Block” custom pages only work when done via the “IP access rules” section (logic for knowing if a firewall rule triggered based on the country would be very complex and error-prone). If you want the custom page to hit that block, you’ll need to use that method of challenging countries.

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