Not that site work as target in DNS setting

I want to add subdomain under by main domain. I added it, now I have, but I want to have information from but still have domain so I add DNS CNAME press and add target, but now when I click on I have information from not from

Does Prowly support using custom hostnames on their platform?

For your CNAME to work the way you expect, the origin server (Prowly) needs to be aware of the alias you have created in your CNAME record. The alias is sent in the HTTP hostname header of the HTTP request. If the origin server is unaware of that hostname, it will not serve your content. It appears as though Prowly has their web server configured to return their own site for unknown hostnames.

I can think of two ways to remedy this scenario:

  1. If Prowly supports custom hostnames, all you need to do is configure your Prowly site with the alias you created in the CNAME. I did not find any information in the Prowly knowledge base on such a feature, but it might be worth asking them yourself.
  2. The other method would be to use an HTTP redirect in your Cloudflare settings. It will not show your alias as the web address when visitors are on your Prowly page, but it will let them reach that site by using your alias.

The #tutorial topics on configuring redirection all focus on using Page Rules. I recommend using Bulk Redirects because Page Rules are being deprecated and will eventually be retired.

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