Not sure why a cname record doesn't seem to be working

I copied a CNAME record from one of my domains to another. This one is existing, and works:
(I see some ascii art that is the custom 404 message on our fastly instance)

I copied that CNAME record to this domain,
but I’m for some reason getting 310 redirected to, instead of to fastly. What have I done wrong?

A redirect is almost certainly coming from the origin server, eg. Fastly. This likely means that Fastly hasn’t registered that origin hostname ( as an authorized hostname for your fastly endpoint.


Yes, you are right. Thank you for helping out a struggling noob! :slight_smile:

I registered the domain ( with my fastly service, and I can see in fastly’s preview that it’s showing the custom 404 as expected:

but when I go directly to the domain name, I’m still getting redirected to Any idea why that might be?

thank you!

it’s working now, must have just needed to propagate.

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