Not sure who set up our subdomains

I’m a newer employee with my company and we need to know who set up our subdomains with Cloudflare in order to update th SSL certificates. The only thing we know that they’re secured with Cloudflare but we’re unsure who set them up and who currently manages them. We’ve searched old archives but haven’t come up with a contact person or 3rd party firm that might’ve done this for us. Unfortunately I’m unable to reach anyone at Cloudflare to help me solve this issue. Even knowing who set them up would be helpful to us. We use these domains for our current landing pages so we really need to update this info. If anyone in the community can offer some advice of how to go about obtaining this info it would be much appreciated.

What is the domain @tharmon1?

If you cannot locate the credentials for the account, your best bet is add the zone to your current account and change the nameservers. This will involve recreating the current setup and can be fairly involved…meaning it’s worth the effort to see if you can locate the credentials for the account holder, it will save you from doing work down the line.


Thank you @cloonan. We have subdomains secured with Cloudflare.

Our challenge is that these weren’t set up internally or at least no on in our company has record of setting them up. We believe they were set up via a 3rd party, likely and agency. We’ve contacted previous agencies we’ve worked with in hopes they’ll get back to us. If they don’t or are unable to help we may have to go with your suggestion.

Those are all CNAME aliases to Adobe Marketo.

Your DNS is completely owned by you: ns1.3ecompany and ns2.3ecompany

But DNS for those subdomains is delegated to Marketo. Still, though, that delegation would have been initiated by your own name servers.


Thank you @sdayman. Interesting. I’ve checked both internally and with Marketo and neither has record of who set these subdomains up with Cloudflare. We do integrate with Salesforce so perhaps the person who set us up with that would know. It was a while ago though so not feelin optimistic. I’ll keep digging but long in the short of it we need to find a way to access these subdomains so we can update the SSL certs and properly set up ownership within the company to prevent this issue in the future. Thanks again for your insight.

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As far as I can tell, Cloudflare has no direct relationship with 3ecompany. Someone who controls your company’s name servers has added NS records for those subdomains.

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@sdayman - 3E company was our old company. We are now Verisk 3E, acquired by Verisk a few years back. Are you able to see if there’s any relationship there?

Hi @sdayman - just curious if you saw my last question. Are you able to see if there’s any relationship with Verisk 3E or Verisk? Thanks again for your help.

Cloudflare is not handling your domain’s DNS. You’ll have to figure out who is.


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