Not sure which email ID I have used for CloudFlare a/c

I don’t remember which email id i have used to set it up my cloudflare free a/c.
Now, I need it ASAP. However, they said here on the community I will find the solution. Unfortunately, there is no solution.

If the cloudflare team can give hint something like this : san*****[email protected] I will come to know its [email protected] is the email id used it for my a/c.

Please help me in finding my a/c associated to my domain.

Thanks in advance.

Neither the community not Cloudflare will tell you such details. If you do not remember your address, the best way will be to create a new account and add any domains anew.

You can certainly try to reset the password for an address.

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There is this tool:

You can enter a domain and receive an email.

If that doesn’t work, this is your only option:

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