Not sure where to begin: email issues


I have three sites set up on cloudflare, only one gives me so many issues.

Spam email sent from my server, used as routing for spam, cannot send and receive email now, was working fine, then yesterday stopped. Now I cannot set up on my new computer with outlook. My host says it is a Cloudflare issue. They set up the DKIM and the SPF for me.

Lost, confused and frustrated. This was suppose to be a better way to protect my domain and get it off the blacklists.

Thank you.


Not really, Cloudflare is completely unrelated when it comes to email.


That was not helpful, but thank you for your commentary


At the moment for 2 of your 3 domains you are set up in a cname setup through a partner. For both of those domains your Mx record points to your domain root and your domain root is not behind Cloudflare.

For your 3rd domain your Mx record points to however that host is :orange: in Cloudflare’s DNS control panel. Cloudflare doesn’t proxy SMTP traffic so if Cloudflare didn’t do anything your inbound mail would stop flowing. But to try and prevent foot shooting when someone :orange" the host which is also specified as their Mx record we create a ‘fake’ Mx record to return which points to the true origin IP address to allow inbound mail to continue to flow.

You are likely configuring Outlook to point to the same orange clouded record which won’t accept inbound SMTP nor proxy POP3 or IMAP. so you should :grey: that record.


No offence, but what else should I have posted?

You posted a complaint without any details as to which domain it is and obviously under the wrong assumption Cloudflare would do something to your mail issues.


Thank you, that makes sense. And it goes beyond the info CloudFlare sent me in their articles. I figured it out probably about the same time you posted this. :slight_smile:

My email host kept sending me back to CloudFlare and this one domain is the only one I keep having issues with. But it is the only directly configured on CloudFlare as well, where as the other two are not configured here.

Greying the Cname made the change. I am still trying to figure out why it was switched on, because I had done this once before, by accident and it worked.

Thank you for your time and assist. I know I will learn this. I have clients who will need the service, but could not recommend until I learned how to fix these problems. More homework.

Again, thank you.


You misread the problem. I need further information for which the CloudFlare team did provide. But thank you for taking the time to post. At least I know I was not ignored. :slight_smile:


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