Not sure what to do about this

Hi. I do know much about any of this, but someone has aigned as me linked themselves to me and is remoting in. to my accounts and websites it appears we are one device. but the other has taken several licenses and created their own app nuilds. tThey have also made a network amd domain and made themselves parent and me the child so therefore denies me service. I cannot email for help and will reroute my calls as well.

Are you paying for that account?

I’m not sure. I didn’t create it but I doubt that she would have been paying over two years for a network to keep locked in… I think that she either legally took control or has been using my bank card but keeping the records from me.

Illegally took control I meant…I am find that she has linked us somehow and and appears that we are one entity on my web browser. I can see that she and the guy she left me for are the sources of the files that are sent to me. I’m no computer wiz or anything close to it but it appears that they use older coding and transmission like schemas and utm or utf, or something like that

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