Not sure of my email DNS config - need little help / verif

Hi dear cloudflare fans !
First I want to wish you a good day and a good year !

Does this config is ok and sufficient ?
all my mail testers display errors like = Unable to find a MX server to connect to.

Where can I find a model or can you advise me to update the config please ?

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That’s the first thing I noticed. Your web host would know the proper records to add for this. Just make sure that any hostname involved with email connections is set to :grey: DNS Only.

If I were to guess, you should have a DNS “A” record for ‘mail’ with the 194. IP address of your website, then an MX record for @ (your domain name) with a target value of (your domain name).


Thanks for your message and time given

Am I better with this modification ?



Thanks a lot for your perfect help

I wish youa very nice day !! :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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